Rebecca & Antonio


Jan 16

After all, we are very soft-hearted people, thank you!

“We have been knowing Vanessa and Davide for almost 10 years now. We met at university and they’ve been amongst our best friends ever since, even if we can’t see each other often for geographical reasons.

The choice for our wedding reportage was therefore very easy: we knew very well how their works reflect their natural ability to catch the best moments, strengthened by the impressive technical abilities they’ve accumulated in the last few years, creating photos which are really moving and artistic at the same time.

We wanted to have photos which would show the true events of the day: from the guests’ closeups in a stolen moment, to details of important objects and spaces which usually go by unnoticed. We were happy thinking that the guests (and ourselves), while looking back at the photos, could vividly remember that moment, instead of thinking “is that really how my face looks when I smile?”, like it happens when a photo is simply capturing a caricature of the people in it, a mere two-dimensional version of them.

We got lots of nice and positive comments both on Vanessa and Davide’s professionalism and discretion during that long day (in which they’ve been with us since when we got ready in the morning, until the very early hours of the following morning, when the party wasn’t accepting to finish), both on the finished product’s quality.

Put yourselves in Quattroperdue’s hands, you surely won’t regret it!”


Antonio & Rebecca


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