Moises and Cristina


May 28



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Scent of spring and new weddings!
Waiting to round off the last assignments of the previous season, we cannot avoid to include Moises and Cristina among the couples who have remained in our hearts.
We landed in Madrid on a warm September day excited like teenager’s at their first school trip abroad. We moved by car, pit-stop at the hotel and suddenly we ended up with the preparations for the welcome party. The buffet was a typical spanish one with jamón and tapas, friends and chats in several languages. We became part of the family and we soon realize that the next day an easy task is waiting for us: Moises and Cristina are a couple that doesn’t save energy and smiles.
As scheduled, the next day we wake up and we attend the preparations at their respective homes. The atmosphere is very calm and relaxed. We got in the car and about twenty minutes later we get a glimpse out the window of a small castle in the middle of the desert (wow!). Parked cars, a steep climb challenges women in high heels and we get to the church. The atmosphere is magical. The ceremony is very special because we face simple and unusual rituals, very distant from our habits: the coins given away, the parent’s hands on newlyweds heads for the blessing and especially the highest number of witnesses ever seen so far in a marriage (20!).
We feel fully at ease and time passes very quickly through aperitif, dinner, lights, cigars provided over each table, gifts, dances and final churros: we end up at 6 o’clock! Haven’t we already mentioned that Quattroperdue photographers never leave before the party’s over, have we? :)

Click here to find out a small selection of Moises and Cristina wedding’s photographs and we want to say you goodbye with their words:

“Maria Teresa, Vanessa and Davide attended our wedding in Ciudad Real (Spain). We had a great experience with all of them! Two of them came to broom and bride´s locations to start doing the reportage while the third one was arranging the rest of aspects for final framings. The day before we had a welcoming dinner where they also came and were knowing everyone roles for making sure to catch good moments next day, besides during that dinner. Vanessa and Davide were helping us with small details that you are not aware off two hours before getting married! I personally could feel that they had made more works like ours previously in terms of having the wedding context under control.
We had some things planned before, but also others were exciting and open-mind to incorporate at the film. For example, we did not plan to take pictures after the wedding and we stop the car in a countryland and had fun taking fresh pictures without any arrangments before!
Besides their experience and professionallity, all them together make a young, dinamic and enjoyable personalities to share that important day with!
I will strongly recommend this exceptional group, without any doubt, to take part in any event you really want to have good memories from!”

Moyses y Cristina