Quattroperdue is a collective of photographers and videomakers, specializing in wedding reportage.

Our name hides our driving mission. A literal translation would sound like “Four-for-two” and it’s not the name of a new four-driving wheels cross-country vehicle, neither a special offer on deep-frozen food!

Rather, we are four close-knit friends and we put together our experiences in visual story-telling to help young couples (“two” persons married, engaged, or otherwise romantically paired) to build and preserve an important part of their story.

Our philosophy is simple: the more spontaneous the pictures are, the more the essence of the celebration will be preserved for the years to come. Genuine expressions and clever humor are the main ingredients to make every important situation and funny moment carefully treated.
In our pictures and videos, the protagonists are thus not only the bride and groom, but the guests, the friends, the children and all those who contribute to make your wedding a unique and joyful event.

We will follow you all day (and night) long, from the preparation to the ceremony, the banquet and the party. Especially the party!

Quattroperdue is based in Turin (IT), but we are willing to move around the world for your wedding or any occasion and ceremony.

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I was born on Monday of a month that begins on Monday of a year that begins on Monday: maximum precision. Precision already betrayed before birth, as a few months earlier it snowed in the Sahara desert while I was enjoying my nine months of amniotic peace walking in Rio de Janeiro. Then, a mere coincidence made me a missed Carioca and I born in Turin. Is it maybe due to this mixture that I live with an eye to the sky and my feet firmly planted on the earth?
I photograph weddings because I love parties and when I work I always enjoy it, because this is the only way to make amazing pictures. If I can do it along with three friends, what could I ask for more? About me they say: she never talks! No comment.

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I was born in Turin the year of Italy’s World Cup victory and the legendary “Albano e Romina” duo finished runner-up at Sanremo festival by singing “Happiness is a glass of wine and a sandwich”.
Weddings are in my blood due to my southern Italy roots and a well-trained army of cousins, ready to face the altar since their early age and finally happily married.

My next life biography must contain the words “success”, “strawberry fields” and “walrus”.

About me they say: you will never understand why he studied engineering.

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They pulled me out on a Sunday of October 1983 around lunchtime.
I was born on a cusp and for the first sixteen years of my life I ‘m convinced I’m a Libra.
I make videos, cartoons, I teach… but since my mother doesn’t understands well my job, she uses to say to her friends during the teatime that I repair computers.

I love so much Quattroperdue they I’d like to have them to my wedding.

About me they say: but do you know that for some weeks now you don’t project shadows anymore?



I was born fat woman, with elongated head and many hair on a hot August morning, after a night of labor pains: the premise is good enough to explain my subsequent inscription to Psychology. In the meanwhile I come up to photography and I start studying it as well, turning into a hybrid equipped with a lens that finds its perfect collocation in the midst of the people. By means of sophisticated hypnosis techniques I will convince you that Quattroperdue is what you need. About me they say: you’re the devil (actually it’s just Vincenzo Greco that say that).