Feb 25

Francesca & Stefano

The year 2014 was rich of emotions and news, starting from a brand new website. And since we've made our bed, now we have to lie in it, by continuously sharing with you images and words collected during the past season. This time we want to talk about Francesca and[...]


Jan 16

Rebecca & Antonio

After all, we are very soft-hearted people, thank you! "We have been knowing Vanessa and Davide for almost 10 years now. We met at university and they've been amongst our best friends ever since, even if we can't see each other often for geographical reasons. The choice for our wedding reportage was[...]


May 28

Moises and Cristina

Scent of spring and new weddings! Waiting to round off the last assignments of the previous season, we cannot avoid to include Moises and Cristina among the couples who have remained in our hearts. We landed in Madrid on a warm September day excited like teenager's at their first school trip abroad.[...]